You may travel within the zoned map area (Kalbarri - Kalgoorlie & Albany area (Cheynes Beach Area) within in any of our Avraa campervans/cars, (the campervans/cars are NOT to be used off road or on gravel roads) outside of these areas or off road you will not be covered by insurance nor will you be covered if you have an accident on a non gazetted road (Gazetted roads are those listed on maps and considered to be bitumen public thoroughfare)

Basically outside of our zoned area there is limited access to medical and roadside assistance due to the isolation of towns and resources and if you wish to go outside of these areas then you will need to talk to us first as the costs will be a bit more and we can negotiate pricing dependant on areas.


Avraa has implemented this ruling as we have a duty of care towards yours and your families safety.

Areas of use new map.jpg