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Avraa Scooter Hire Busselton

Such an inexpensive and easy way to get around Busselton and Dunsborough

Visit all our beaches or any other tourist activity with ease of parking almost anywhere or at your holiday stay, better on your back than electric scooters and you can ride on a normal drivers licence here in W.A. (no motorbike licence required) Max Speed 75 kmh

Hire age must be 25 years and above, hold a valid drivers licence and sorry no L or P platers


Our latest scooters are 4 stroke 50cc, economical, faster, quieter and better for our environment, larger wheels and better suspension and take one to two people, hire cost includes two helmets if two are required.

Scooter Hire

A couple travelling Australia wanted to relive their younger passion for a ride for a few days and had total enjoyment.

Avraa Scooter Hire

Tourists from Taiwan hiring scooters for two weeks on their local road trip around Busselton and Dunsborough

Scooter Hire Busselton

Ironman staff hiring Avraa scooters for the Busselton ironman contest each year

                          SCOOTER PRICES

1 - 14 Days                                   $40.00 a Day

15 - 30 Days                                 $30.00 a Day

31 Days and Over                         $15.00 a Day

Insurance For Length of Hire        $54.00                                          

Security Bond                                $1500.00

Refundable if scooters come back in hired condition, full of fuel, wheel lock & helmets returned.

Hire Includes Scooter Full of Fuel,  Two Helmets and Wheel Lock.

**Please Note: Scooters are only to be used in Busselton and Dunsborough, if caught outside these areas you will forfeit your bond as they are tracked.

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